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The future.

I really don’t like jumping the fun, especially in relationships now but I’m a bit weary. Drew and I are becoming serious enough to make me think about our future and that makes me happy because he an amazing man. But what scares me is him getting out and moving to where he’s going to settle down, which happens to be Michigan, and I’m stuck here for I don’t know how long. I don’t want to be mean and hold him back but I don’t believe biting my tongue and not speaking my mind is any better. I want him around, atleast long enough to establish what will happen between us and my past relationships make me terrified of distance. I don’t like this dilemma but for now I’ll be patient and enjoy the time I have with him till THAT talk needs to be held.


He knows I hate surprises, but I won’t look up the address and just find out tomorrow. In the midst of us packing and moving into the house, I really wouldn’t know what he has planned but he made sure I knew it was important I enjoyed myself. This boy is ridiculous.

Update: He got me an appointment for a spa day. Of course I was surprised and after I got my manicure done I thought that was it till the lady was like, “nope, you got the whole works ;)”I’m now waiting for a facial and massage, then a pedicure. This boy spoils me, oh goodness.

Gooey Roasted Marshmallow M&M; Cookie Bars

I can relate to this

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One day you’ll kiss someone and know those are the lips you want to kiss for the rest of your life.
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And even when you frustrate me, I still want you by my side.
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